‘4017 Disney-themed Collectibles | Celebrating Disney History | February 21, 1980’

On April 15, 1980, Soviet-Ukrainian astronomer L. G. Karachkina made a significant discovery by identifying the asteroid known as “4017 Disneya.” This asteroid, with a diameter of approximately 4 ½ miles, holds a special place in the world of astronomy as it is named in honor of the legendary Walt Disney.

Karachkina paid tribute to Disney, referring to him as an “outstanding American movie producer and master of animation.” The asteroid is situated within the main asteroid belt, situated between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It takes 4.16 years for 4017 Disneya to complete a full orbit around the sun.

The discovery of 4017 Disneya serves as a reminder of the impact that Walt Disney had on the world, not only through his groundbreaking work in animation and filmmaking but also in the realm of science and exploration. This commemorative naming highlights the lasting legacy of Walt Disney and his contributions to various fields beyond entertainment.