‘Important Notice for Artisanal Fishermen: Learn about the criteria for applying for credits of up to S/113,000’

The Ministry of Production (Produce) is offering loans through the National Fund for Fisheries Development (Fondepes) to support artisanal fishermen in improving their production and quality of inputs. These loans come with low-interest rates between 3% and 7%.

Fondepes provides two levels of credits for artisanal fishermen. Level I credits go up to 10 UIT (S/51,500) with a 3% interest rate, while level II credits range between 10 UIT and 22 UIT (equivalent to S/113,300) with a 7% interest rate. The payment term for both levels is 36 installments with a grace period of up to four months.

To qualify for Fondepes credits, artisanal fishermen must meet certain requirements, including providing a credit request, proforma or quote of the goods or services to be financed, an updated document demonstrating dedication to artisanal fishing, proof of utility payments, and a national identity document.

Artisanal fishermen interested in applying for a loan can contact Fondepes through various communication channels, including email, phone, and a toll-free line. In addition to financial support, Fondepes also offers over 80 free virtual courses aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of artisanal fishermen and aquaculturists.

These courses cover technical and productive aspects to enhance the overall development of participants. One specific course offered by Fondepes focuses on ‘Good practices for handling and releasing sea turtles’ in several regions. Interested individuals can inquire about aquaculture courses and registration details through the provided contact information.