Users will be charged 11.08 pesos for this service.

A digital bank in Mexico has implemented a new commission fee for cash withdrawals. Customers using ATMs not affiliated with their banking institution may be subject to these fees. Each bank has its own regulations regarding commissions, so it is important to be aware of these to avoid unexpected charges.

The amount of the commission varies depending on the location of the ATM machine. For example, withdrawals from ATMs in airports, bus terminals, convenience stores, supermarkets, or gas stations tend to have higher commission fees compared to bank branch ATMs.

Customers can check the withdrawal fees on the ATM screen before proceeding with the transaction. Some banks have alliances in place to offer lower commission rates for withdrawals.

For customers of the Bineo digital bank launched by Banorte, withdrawals will be commission-free for the first three months. After this initial period, a fee slightly above 11 pesos will be charged for each withdrawal.

To become a customer of Bineo, individuals can simply download the app on their mobile phones without the need to visit a physical branch. The digital bank offers various account options and loan services, with plans to introduce new products based on customer demand.

Overall, staying informed about banking regulations and commission fees can help customers make more cost-effective decisions when it comes to cash withdrawals.