‘New Naming Rights Opportunity for Petrol Stations Launched’

Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat) has introduced a groundbreaking initiative in the UAE and worldwide known as ‘Project Landmark’. This project allows companies and brands to secure naming rights for their service stations.

The official launch of Project Landmark took place at the Museum of the Future in Dubai, unveiling a new model for strategic partnerships between Emarat and various businesses. This initiative aims to enhance the presence of both local and international brands by providing a platform for companies to connect with customers and offer their services.

Eng. Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi, Director General of Emarat, expressed that Project Landmark will enable partners to enhance their visibility through long-term investment opportunities, utilizing spaces and assets to engage with service station users in a unique manner. Additionally, the project will leverage the strategic locations of the service stations and their facilities to ensure the delivery of high-quality services to customers.

Overall, Project Landmark is set to redefine the relationship between Emarat and partnering businesses, offering exclusive opportunities for companies to expand their reach and enhance their service delivery in the UAE.