Transfer Funds to a Banco Azteca Bank Account

MoneyGram has announced a new and convenient way to transfer money internationally to Banco Azteca bank accounts in Mexico. This new service allows for a faster checkout process for those sending money from Canada or the United States.

To get started, all you need is your receiver’s first and last name, along with their bank account number, debit card number, or CLABE number. This simplified process eliminates unnecessary steps and makes sending money to Mexico quick and easy.

By using the MoneyGram app or visiting the MoneyGram website, you can select Mexico as the receiver country, indicate the amount you wish to transfer, and choose Banco Azteca under the “Select a Direct to Bank Account Option”. With affordable transfer fees and competitive exchange rates, you can save money while sending funds to your loved ones in Mexico.

For a fast, easy, and reliable money transfer experience, start using MoneyGram’s new service to Banco Azteca bank accounts in Mexico today.