Innovative Battery Extends Electric Mercedes G-Class Range to 400 Miles

A groundbreaking new battery technology is set to revolutionize electric vehicles, with Mercedes-Benz’s G-Class poised to benefit. Reports suggest that the upgraded G580 EQ battery, expected in 2026, will significantly enhance the vehicle’s range by over 35%, potentially reaching 400 miles.

The current 116 kWh battery used in the G580 EQ only allows for a range of 272 miles. However, with the introduction of a new silicon-anode power pack, the energy density is set to increase by 20-40%. This boost in capacity could potentially extend the range of the G-Class to 354-400 miles, making it a more viable option for electric vehicle enthusiasts.

Mercedes officials have hinted at the deployment of this new battery technology within the next two years. The G-Class, known for its unique blend of style and performance, is already equipped with an impressive quad-motor drivetrain that generates 579 hp and 859 lb-ft of torque, propelling the SUV from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.7 seconds.

This technological leap not only promises to enhance the G-Class’s electric capabilities but also hints at similar advancements in other Mercedes EV models. With the integration of this innovative battery technology, the automotive industry is witnessing a new era of electric vehicle development, paving the way for more sustainable and energy-efficient options on the road.