Optimal Positioning of a New Hydrogen Fueling Station along California Route

A new and innovative refueling destination is on the horizon for H2-powered vehicle drivers, known as the Mojave Truck Stop. This unique location will feature a hydrogen fueling station designed to accommodate both trucks and cars, making it a convenient stop for travelers along Highway 58 and Minard Trail between Los Angeles and Mammoth.

What sets the Mojave Truck Stop apart is that it is the first black-owned truck stop in the United States. Situated in Mojave, California, it is strategically located on a popular route taken by Angelenos heading to Mammoth for weekend getaways. Additionally, the truck stop is easily accessible via important trucking routes through Kern County, near key facilities like the Mojave Air & Space Port, Hyundai’s testing center, and the upcoming Mojave Inland Port. The site will offer a range of services, including EV charging, maintenance, comfortable amenities, security, and business centers.

Founded by Rich Marshall and Amir Faquir, the minds behind The Little Red Hen Travel Centers, the Mojave Truck Stop aims to provide an environmentally conscious and luxurious travel experience. Anticipated to serve over 2,120 customers daily and dispense more than 14 million gallons of fuel annually, the facility is designed to enhance the journey for travelers.

With a focus on sustainability, the Mojave Truck Stop will feature a hydrogen fueling station for trucks and passenger vehicles, along with an electric vehicle charging station, diesel lanes, truck parking, and electric truck chargers. The retail space will offer essentials, a business center, restrooms, showers, laundry facilities, meals, and other travel necessities. Moreover, the location has secured a biodiesel partnership with Phillips 66 and is committed to using solar power for its energy needs.

In conclusion, the Mojave Truck Stop is poised to revolutionize the refueling experience for H2-powered vehicles while offering a range of services and amenities for travelers seeking a comfortable and environmentally friendly stop along their journey.