New Compact SUV design that looks like a dream

Rivian, the fast-growing EV startup, recently unveiled its highly anticipated R2 electric SUV and surprised us with not one, but two more exciting announcements. The first surprise is the introduction of the R3, a smaller crossover EV that shares design elements with the R2.

Compared to the R2, the R3 is noticeably smaller with a wheelbase that is approximately five inches shorter. While some may consider it a hatchback, the R3 features a rear glass that lifts up and still offers storage space in the front trunk.

Although details about the R3 are still limited, we know that it will come in three motor variants: single, dual, and tri. Additionally, Rivian claims that the R3 will be even more affordable than the R2, making it an appealing option for those interested in an electric SUV.

But Rivian didn’t stop there – they also introduced the R3X, a rally car version of the R3. While specifics about the R3X are sparse, we do know that it will come in a striking green color with orange accents.

As for availability, there is no official word on when preorders or purchases for the R3 and R3X will open. However, considering that the R2 is scheduled for release in the first half of 2026, it may be some time before we see the R3 and R3X on the roads.

The R3’s appeal lies in its small size and affordability, making it an attractive option for consumers. With its unique design and competitive price point, the R3 has generated excitement among consumers and on social media. Rivian seems to have hit the mark with the R3, offering a blend of Rivian’s signature style with a more compact and budget-friendly option.

As Rivian continues to make waves in the EV market, it will be interesting to see how competitors, like Tesla, respond to the growing popularity of smaller SUVs. The era of smallish SUVs is upon us, and Rivian is at the forefront of this trend.