California to Cease Distributing EDD Payments on Bank of America Debit Cards

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) has recently announced a new partnership that will change how benefit payments are issued to recipients. Instead of using Bank of America (BOA) Debit cards, the EDD will now distribute payments on Money Network prepaid debit cards.

This change has already begun, with individuals receiving unemployment payments, disability benefits, and family leave benefits being the first to receive the new cards. Recipients should expect to receive their new cards in the mail, which can take up to 14 days from the date of qualification.

According to EDD Director Nancy Farias, this new partnership with Money Network aims to improve the delivery of benefits to customers. Additionally, the EDD plans to introduce a direct deposit option later this year, which will be the fastest and most secure method for receiving payments.

The transition to Money Network prepaid debit cards will be completed by April 15, after which BOA debit cards will no longer be valid. Recipients are advised to use any remaining funds on their BOA cards or request a check for their balances from BOA.

Furthermore, the EDD will continue to make enhancements to its services through its EDDNext initiative. This initiative focuses on improving the customer experience by updating technologies, providing more self-service options, simplifying forms and notices, and increasing staff efficiency through updated policies and procedures.