‘Hotel revenues in Oman soar to RO 24.7 million in January 2024’

The latest monthly statistical bulletin from the National Center for Statistics and Information has shown a significant increase in the number of guests staying at hotels with a 3-5 star rating in Muscat. According to the report, the total number of guests rose by 20.5 percent, reaching 215,660 guests by the end of January 2024, compared to 178,945 guests during the same period in the previous year.

Furthermore, the occupancy rate at these hotels also saw a growth of 16.2 percent, reaching 59.4 percent in January 2024, compared to 51.1 percent in January 2023. The report also provided a breakdown of guest nationalities, with Omanis leading the list at 75,219 guests, followed by European guests at 73,325 and Asian guests at 27,191.

Guests from GCC countries increased by 10.5 percent, while other Arab guests saw a 17.7 percent increase. American guests also showed a rise of 20.1 percent, with African guests increasing by 38.8 percent and Oceanian guests by 4 percent.

Overall, the report highlights a positive trend in hotel guests in Muscat, with various nationalities contributing to the increase in tourism in the region.