‘Creating a Cozy Twist on Modernism’

Contemporary architect Celeste Robbins is on a mission to change the negative perception of modernism. Her residential projects are a prime example of how modern design can be warm and inviting, as showcased in her book, “The Meaningful Modern Home: Soulful Architecture and Interiors.”

When asked about the state of residential architecture in Chicago, Robbins highlighted a growing trend of seeking serenity in primary residences, reminiscent of vacation homes. Architects in the city are embracing the beauty of Lake Michigan, the charm of Midwestern summers, and the idea of leisure in one’s backyard.

Robbins also addressed the misconception that modern design is cold and sterile. She explained that, when executed correctly, modernism can exude warmth through principles of proportion and balance. By incorporating elements like natural light, craftsmanship, and a strong connection to the landscape through large windows, modern homes can feel cozy and welcoming to their inhabitants.

In essence, Robbins believes that modernism is not exclusive to a select group of people who understand it. Instead, it welcomes creativity, nature, and personal vision, making it a versatile and inclusive style for all homeowners.