Experience the Joy of Happy Dairy at Bob Benson’s Organic Farm in Oregon

David Sparks Ph.D.

David Sparks Ph.D.

Discover the beauty of Bob Benson’s organic dairy farm in Yamhill, Oregon, where he shares his experience and passion for sustainable farming. With 200 cows and 500 acres of picturesque pasture, Benson’s Happy Dairy is a testament to generations of dedication and love for the land.

As a fourth-generation dairy farmer, Benson has been supplying Organic Valley with his organic milk for 15 years. His commitment to maintaining an optimal herd size reflects his desire to provide the best possible living conditions for his cows. By ensuring that his cows have ample grazing space, Benson discovers the perfect balance between comfort and productivity.

Unlike many conventional dairy farms, Benson’s cows rely solely on pasture grass for their forage. The cows spend their days enjoying the lush fields, grazing on the nutritious grass that sustains them. This simple and natural system has proven to be successful for Benson’s farm, and he has no intention of changing it.

One of the most cherished moments for Benson and his cows is the arrival of spring. As the weather warms up and the grass starts to grow, Benson opens the gates, allowing his cows to roam freely. Witnessing their joyous “spring dance” as they frolic in the fresh grass is an annual spectacle that Benson has witnessed his entire life. This heartwarming sight serves as a reminder of the rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle that farming brings.

Benson believes in inspiring future generations to appreciate and embrace agriculture. The timeless nursery rhyme, “The Cow Danced Over the Moon,” perfectly captures the magic of farm life. Benson encourages sharing this enchanting story with local Future Farmers of America groups and 4-H clubs, as it has the power to ignite a passion for sustainable farming practices in young minds.

Visit Bob Benson’s Happy Dairy and witness the wonders of organic farming. Experience the joy of watching cows revel in the abundance of nature while supporting a farm that prioritizes sustainability and the well-being of its animals. Discover the beauty of Benson’s Oregon dairy farm and celebrate the legacy of generations dedicated to farming harmony.