Effective and sustainable wastewater treatment in Aquaculture NAPRAS – Fish Farmer Magazine

Alumichem and its partners, DTU Aqua, Clean Matter, and Drying Matter, have successfully secured a grant from the Green Development and Demonstration Programme for their NAPRAS fish farming wastewater treatment project. This collaboration aims to revolutionize wastewater treatment in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) by focusing on efficient nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P) removal to significantly reduce emissions.

The NAPRAS initiative utilizes various innovative technologies to achieve its goals. These include granulated sludge technology, P precipitation, wet electrochemical removal of heavy metals, and a drying process. Through these methods, the project has been able to achieve over 95% removal of nitrogen and capture more than 95% of phosphorous. This is a significant advancement in wastewater treatment for aquaculture systems, especially in light of tightening environmental discharge limits in RAS.

For more information on the NAPRAS fish farming wastewater treatment project, visit [alumichem.com/effective-and-sustainable-wastewater-treatment-in-aquaculture-napras](http://alumichem.com/effective-and-sustainable-wastewater-treatment-in-aquaculture-napras) or scan the QR code provided below.

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