First Fund Launched by Meta Pool DAO

Meta Pool DAO has launched the first Latin American fund dedicated to supporting crypto projects in frontier markets. This initiative marks a significant milestone, as Meta Pool becomes the first DAO to establish an incentive fund specifically for promoting crypto ventures in Latin America.

The fund aims to provide entrepreneurs in the region with opportunities to develop and kickstart their crypto proposals. Through a grants fund called mpDAO Grants, which recently completed its sixth financing round, Meta Pool is paving the way for innovative projects to thrive in Latin America.

Co-founder Claudio Cossio emphasized Meta Pool’s commitment to supporting crypto entrepreneurs and fostering entrepreneurship in frontier markets like Latin America. These regions are poised for rapid mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, making them ideal settings for crypto innovation.

Meta Pool, known for its liquid staking solution, enables users to engage in cryptocurrency staking while retaining the liquidity of their assets. The platform integrates protocols from NEAR, Ethereum, Solana, Aurora, and Q Network, creating a versatile ecosystem for users.

With a strong emphasis on decentralization, Meta Pool prioritizes transparency and community involvement. As a DAO, users have a say in protocol decision-making and governance, ensuring that their interests are always represented in the project’s development.

As Meta Pool advances its global expansion efforts, the DAO is focusing on broadening its presence in frontier markets. A new initiative has been launched to allow individuals in Latin America and beyond to participate in supporting crypto project development in these emerging regions.

By introducing mpDAO tokens on May 1st, Meta Pool offers new users the opportunity to join various initiatives to bolster crypto project growth in frontier markets. Through the Uniswap network, users can acquire Meta Pool tokens on the Ethereum network, facilitating connectivity between NEAR and Ethereum communities.

The overarching goal of Meta Pool’s project is to continue nurturing the crypto ecosystem in frontier markets, where cryptocurrency adoption is expected to surge rapidly, mirroring the trend observed in Latin America.