‘Credit Extension of R,000 for Nubank Customers with Accounts Open for Over a Year’

Nubank Launches Nu Limite Garantido: A New Way to Increase Credit Limit

Nubank, a leading digital banking service provider, has introduced a new feature called “Nu Limite Garantido” that allows users to boost their credit limit by up to R$ 2,000. This move reflects Nubank’s ongoing commitment to enhancing its financial services for its customers.

With Nu Limite Garantido, fintech users can increase their credit limits by investing a chosen amount within the Nubank app. This investment not only provides an immediate credit limit boost but also earns a 100% return on the CDI, making it a profitable choice for customers. The process is simple and effective, giving Nubank customers more financial freedom.

To take advantage of Nu Limite Garantido, users just need to follow a few easy steps:

– Invest a specified amount in the Nubank app.
– Watch as the amount is converted into an available balance.
– Adjust the credit limit as desired and confirm the transaction.
– See the investment continue to generate returns based on the CDI rate.

Furthermore, users must follow a simple procedure in the Nubank app to begin using this new feature. The invested amount will first go towards repaying any outstanding debts before becoming available as credit. This emphasizes Nubank’s commitment to responsible financial practices and helps customers manage their expectations effectively.

In addition to Nu Limite Garantido, Nubank customers can also increase their credit limits by maintaining a good payment history, using the card responsibly, exploring other products offered by the bank, and reporting any increase in income. By providing innovative financial products like Nu Limite Garantido, Nubank continues to demonstrate its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its clients and promoting smart financial management strategies.