Changes since April: What is the maximum amount of money you can receive per month according to Yape?

Yape, the popular mobile payments and lending platform in Peru, will be implementing changes to its money receipt limits starting in April. These changes are important for users who conduct financial transactions through the app, as they define the maximum amount that can be received monthly.

Effective April 1, the monthly money receipt limit on Yape will be set at 5 tax units (UIT), equivalent to S/25,750. This measure aims to ensure safe and efficient financial management for users. If your monthly income exceeds this limit, Yape offers an alternative solution known as Yape company.

Yape company is a profile within the Yape app that provides benefits tailored for businesses, such as the ability to receive up to S/5 million per month, add collaborators to your account, and accept card payments. While there is no fixed cost for Yape company, a charge of 2.95% is applied to the total yapeos received daily.

Users have the option to disaffiliate from Yape company and return to the normal version at any time. However, by doing so, they will forfeit the benefits associated with Yape company. Disaffiliation allows access to Yape company until 11:59 pm on the day the action is taken, with a 2.95% charge applicable if QR transactions or yapeos were received that day.

To add collaborators to your Yape company profile, follow these steps within the app:

1. Enter the Yape application and select your Yape company profile.
2. Find the option to manage your account or collaborators within the Yape company profile.
3. Add a new collaborator by entering their information and assigning permissions.
4. Confirm and save the changes, and the collaborator will receive instructions to access their profile in Yape company.

Lastly, creating a Yape account is a straightforward process that allows you to benefit from the app’s features for financial transactions. Simply download the app, enter your mobile number, verify your phone, provide your National Identity Document (DNI) and email, set a password, select your account setup preference, answer security questions, and you’re ready to use your Yape account.