Why is the sound not working on my cell phone when receiving a Yape notification?

In today’s digitally driven world, mobile payment solutions like Yape are simplifying our daily transactions. However, some users may encounter uncertainties regarding its functionality, particularly when the distinct notification sound is not heard. Recent updates have also changed the limits for receiving money, leading to new questions among users.

Yape, the popular mobile wallet from the Credit Bank of Peru (BCP), is continuously evolving to cater to the needs of its users. From interface enhancements to adjustments in transaction limits, each update aims to enhance the Yaping experience, though occasional inconveniences or queries may arise.

One common concern among Yape users is the absence of the sound notification when receiving money. This could be due to technical factors like device volume and sound settings. Users with Android or iOS devices have the Yape sound enabled, but those with Huawei, Redmi, or Honor devices may not hear the sound yet. Efforts are being made to ensure all models have this feature.

Since April 2024, Yape has set a new maximum receipt limit of up to 5 monthly tax units (UIT), equivalent to S/25,750. For businesses or higher needs, Yape Empresa offers an extended limit of up to S/5 million, catering to the most demanding requirements of business users.

For users looking to increase their daily transaction limit to S/950, Yape allows for this by undergoing an additional verification process in the app. This process includes confirming personal data and, in some cases, linking additional BCP accounts.

Yape collaborates primarily with the Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP) but is also compatible with various financial entities that recognize the efficiency and security of this mobile payment platform. Some of these entities include My Bank, Huancayo Box, Ica Box, and more.

Yape functions as a digital wallet that enables quick and secure monetary transactions via mobile devices. By linking a phone number with a BCP bank account, users can easily send and receive money without the need for additional bank details.

To create an account on Yape, users must have a phone number and a bank account at BCP. They also need to download the mobile application and complete a registration process that includes identity verification using a DNI or immigration card, ensuring the legitimacy and security of each transaction on the platform.