Ways iOS 18 can Boost iPhone Sales in China

The upcoming release of iOS 18 with new artificial intelligence features could potentially reignite iPhone sales in China, amidst a recent decline in Apple’s revenue in the country. According to reports, iPhone sales have been weakening in China since early 2024, with consumers opting for Android flagships offering advanced AI capabilities and innovative foldable displays.

In December 2023, Apple experienced a 13% decrease in revenue in China, despite previously being the top smartphone brand in terms of shipments. Recent reports suggest even steeper declines, with revenue dropping by up to 40%.

DigiTimes highlights the importance of Apple’s advancements in artificial intelligence to meet consumer expectations and regain market share in China, especially with fierce competition from brands like Huawei investing heavily in AI research and development.

Apple CEO Tim Cook previously mentioned the company’s focus on generative AI, with plans to unveil more details later this year. The anticipated iOS 18 is expected to debut at the WWDC developer conference in June, followed by a release in September. Speculations suggest that new AI features could be exclusive to the iPhone 16 lineup, which may also see a significant upgrade to the Neural Engine.

Overall, the integration of cutting-edge AI capabilities in iOS 18 could potentially boost iPhone sales in China and enhance Apple’s competitiveness in the market. Stay tuned for more updates on Apple’s latest innovations in artificial intelligence.