‘Upcoming AI-Enhanced Tools for Your iPhone in the Next iOS Update’

Apple is gearing up for the release of iOS 18, which is expected to come out sometime in September. The new features of Apple iOS 18 are generating a lot of excitement, with rumors suggesting some exciting updates.

One of the most anticipated aspects of iOS 18 is the integration of AI features. Unlike Google Gemini and ChatGPT, which run AI services on the web, Apple is looking to run AI features directly on your iPhone. This move not only speeds up processes but also enhances privacy, aligning with Apple’s strong focus on user data protection.

Reports suggest that Apple is prioritizing AI functionality in iOS 18, with the development of its proprietary Large Language Model (LLM) system known as AppleGPT. This system is built on the Ajax framework, initiated in 2022 to support various machine learning initiatives and is set to drive AI enhancements across all Apple platforms.

The upcoming iOS 18 is expected to deeply integrate AI, impacting performance and user experience across various functionalities. From enhancing photo and video processing to refining Spotlight search and improving overall system efficiency, AI will play a significant role in the new update.

As for the rumored Apple iOS 18 features, speculation includes AI-driven wellness coaching in Apple Health and Apple Watch, AI capabilities in Apple Music for creating automated playlists, an Apple GPT tool akin to ChatGPT, and a video or animation creation tool based on the Keyframer framework, among others.

It remains to be seen which of these rumored AI features will make it to the final iOS 18 release. Some features may be included in the initial release, while others could be introduced in subsequent updates like iOS 19 in 2025. Apple is likely fine-tuning these features to deliver an enhanced user experience through iOS 18 and beyond.