“Unlocking Expenses Reimbursement with a Handy Tip in 2024”

If you’ve signed up for a BoursoBank online bank account to take advantage of a free card but haven’t used it in over 30 days, there’s a helpful tip to avoid fees. Online banks like BoursoBank, Fortuneo, and Hello bank are gaining popularity for offering free bank cards with no account maintenance fees or income conditions. However, one condition for having a free bank card is to make at least one transaction with the card per month. Failure to do so may result in fees ranging from 3 to 9 euros per month depending on the bank and card type.

At BoursoBank, fees for non-use of the bank card are triggered after 30 days of inactivity. The Visa Welcome and Ultim cards are free as long as at least one payment is made per month with no minimum amount required. The fees for non-use vary depending on the card chosen: 5 euros per month for the Visa Welcome card and 9 euros per month for the Visa Ultim card. BoursoBank now offers a completely digital card option to avoid these fees.

BoursoBank also offers an exceptional annual reimbursement for inactivity costs on the card. Once per calendar year, customers can request a reimbursement for their inactivity costs through their online account. While BoursoBank is the only one offering this understanding gesture, customers of Hello bank and Fortuneo should ensure they make at least one card payment per month to avoid fees ranging from 3 to 9 euros.

So, whether you’re a BoursoBank, Hello bank, or Fortuneo customer, remember to use your card at least once a month to avoid incurring fees. It could be as simple as making a small purchase in-store or online. Keeping your card active can save you from unexpected charges and ensure you continue to enjoy the benefits of a free banking solution.