‘The Story of Chandos Dodson Epley’s Daring Business Growth’

Houston designer Chandos Dodson Epley has recently announced the official launch of Chandos Collective. This new venture is the culmination of years of experience, expanding Epley’s studio beyond residential design and architecture to include art consulting, custom furnishings, and home development. Epley expressed her excitement about this evolution, stating, “My interior design firm has evolved over the last two decades to include many partners, employees, and other businesses. I wanted an umbrella that really celebrated the ethos of it all.”

What sets Chandos Collective apart is their comprehensive approach to the design process, from construction to the finishing touches. The team ensures that every project reflects their style of understated elegance by combining classic details with modern restraint. Epley is deeply involved in every step of the process, guaranteeing a personalized touch for each client.

When asked about her goals, Epley emphasized their commitment to curating homes that are tailored to the clients’ preferences. They integrate art-historical references into the architectural phase while prioritizing functionality. The result is homes that not only stand the test of time aesthetically but also provide modern amenities for everyday living.

In addition to expanding their range of bespoke furnishings and developing custom homes from the ground up, Chandos Collective’s art advisory company, C2 Art, is also experiencing growth. With offices in Dallas and Houston and projects in 28 cities nationwide, Epley and her team are making their mark in the design and architecture industry.