‘The Luft Pinoy combines electric vehicle and eVTOL technology’

The Philippines is set to become the first country to unveil a groundbreaking combination electric minivan and electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle. Designed by LuftCar LLC in partnership with eFrancisco Motor Corporation (eFMC), the innovative vehicle, known as the Luft Pinoy, is a unique concept tailored for the Philippine landscape.

What makes the Pinoy stand out from other flying car concepts is its dual functionality as an electric minivan and an eVTOL powered by hydrogen, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and promoting cleaner air. This two-piece design allows for seamless island-hopping, with the minivan able to dock with the eVTOL segment for flights between islands.

eFMC is responsible for designing the van’s chassis, while Luft focuses on the rest of the vehicle. The first prototype is expected by the end of 2024, with initial applications in defense and cargo transport. The design is specifically catered to the Philippines’ archipelagic geography of over 7,100 islands.

The versatility of the Luft Pinoy enables it to navigate the islands with ease before transitioning to flight mode for inter-island travel. While flying cars are a growing trend in the tech and vehicle industry, widespread public use remains far off due to regulatory constraints and infrastructure requirements.

In contrast to other high-speed flying car concepts, the Luft Pinoy offers a more modern and practical design. This innovative vehicle represents a significant step towards sustainable and efficient air and road transport in the Philippines.

(Source: BGR)