‘TangoPay collaborates with Currencycloud’

Currencycloud, a company specializing in simplifying business in a multi-currency world, has announced a new partnership with UK-based Fintech company TangoPay. This partnership aims to enhance the existing remittance service for UK-based expat customers by providing real-time competitive foreign exchange (FX) rates and additional localized payment options.

Through this collaboration, TangoPay will have access to a wide range of services offered by Currencycloud, allowing them to customize payment services according to customers’ specific needs. By leveraging Currencycloud’s APIs, TangoPay can improve operational efficiencies, resulting in significant benefits for customers when making remittance payments globally. These benefits include reduced transaction times, lower fees, real-time exchange rates, and a wider selection of payment options.

Basir Sangerwal, CEO and Founder of TangoPay, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership, stating that Currencycloud has been instrumental in expanding their payment offerings and meeting the evolving needs of their global customer base. The integration with Currencycloud has allowed TangoPay to introduce new features and services, providing clients with a more comprehensive and tailored service while fulfilling their mission of promoting financial inclusion.

Aleks Stefanovski, Chief Strategy Officer at Currencycloud, commended TangoPay for their focus on financial inclusion and making cross-border payments easier for the UK expat community. By integrating with Currencycloud, TangoPay can now offer competitive real-time FX rates and fast transactions, enhancing clarity, value, and speed in global remittances. Stefanovski expressed delight in being part of TangoPay’s vision and mission.

The TangoPay app is now available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store, providing users with access to the improved remittance services resulting from the partnership with Currencycloud.