‘Sustainable Shipping in Singapore’

In the world of maritime operations, Nishant Dhyani is a leading expert in enhancing fleet efficiency. As the head of fleet efficiency at Swire Shipping and Swire Bulk, Mr. Dhyani plays a crucial role in optimizing the container ships and bulk carriers operated by these companies. In a recent interview at Gastech 2023 in Singapore, he shared insights into his mission to improve fleet efficiency in an industry grappling with sustainability challenges.

Mr. Dhyani’s role involves bridging the sustainability efforts of Swire Bulk and Swire Shipping, two separate entities, to create a unified approach towards sustainability, fleet efficiency, and decarbonization. He emphasizes the importance of harmonizing strategies across both organizations to achieve their sustainability goals.

The foundation of Mr. Dhyani’s work lies in three key pillars: sustainability, fleet efficiency, and decarbonization. Sustainability entails community engagement, corporate social responsibility, and addressing issues like single-use plastics. Fleet efficiency focuses on optimizing energy consumption, fuel efficiency, and meeting environmental regulations. Decarbonization involves exploring alternative fuels and engine technologies. Mr. Dhyani’s primary focus is on fleet efficiency, ensuring that vessels are operating at peak performance through hardware and software optimization.

Data plays a crucial role in achieving these goals, with Mr. Dhyani highlighting the importance of utilizing both internal and third-party data to drive improvements. As Swire Shipping and Swire Bulk expand their sustainability programs to chartered vessels, their commitment to sustainability and continuous improvement is evident.

One of the challenges Mr. Dhyani faces is changing the mindset of crew members towards environmental concerns. While safety and operational efficiency have traditionally been top priorities, environmental considerations are now equally important. Educating and raising awareness among senior officers is key to translating sustainability goals into actionable steps onboard the vessels.

Overall, Nishant Dhyani’s role as head of fleet efficiency at Swire Shipping and Swire Bulk underscores his dedication to enhancing sustainability and efficiency in maritime operations. By focusing on optimizing fleet performance and driving decarbonization efforts, he is paving the way for a more sustainable future in the industry.