Special Wrap for Art Basel Unveiled for BMW iX5 Hydrogen

At this year’s Art Basel in Basel, BMW showcased hydrogen as a sustainable energy source and movement theme. Partnering with Art Basel for two decades, BMW revealed a series of multimedia artworks created by London-based artist Es Devlin. The exhibition debuted on June 10 in Hall 1.1 of the art fair.

Devlin’s booth featured four captivating pieces: “Surfacing” (2024), “Surfacing II” (2024), “Mask” (2018), and “Mask in Motion” (2018). These artworks combined technology and artistry to create a unique and immersive experience for visitors.

In addition to the artworks, BMW presented mobile sound installations within a pilot fleet of BMW iX5 Hydrogen vehicles, showcasing Devlin’s collaged paintings on the vehicles. Michael Rath, Head of Hydrogen Vehicles at BMW Group, emphasized the innovative nature of the collaboration and highlighted BMW’s commitment to pioneering hydrogen technology.

Devlin’s booth in Hall 1.1 featured “Surfacing” (2024), an illuminated rain cube, and “Surfacing II” (2024), painted televisions with a dancing figure displacing pixels and pigment. The exhibition also included “Mask” (2018), a projection-mapped model city blending hands and river, and “Mask in Motion” (2018), a rotating illuminated translucent city that captivated viewers with its kinetic shadow.

The exterior of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen vehicles featured a striking blue and white collage, inspired by Devlin’s teenage wall prints and literature. The design included gestures reminiscent of Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” and excerpts from James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” as well as texts from BMW Group publications on hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Looking ahead, BMW continues to test the BMW iX5 Hydrogen in global real-world conditions with a 100-vehicle pilot fleet. The automaker is focused on technological advancements to enhance performance, including reducing tank size to accommodate multiple tank vessels within the same space as a battery. This approach will enable BMW to be highly flexible in production, allowing for the creation of both battery-electric and fuel-cell electric cars using the same base design.

The BMW iX5 Hydrogen is equipped with two carbon-fiber hydrogen tanks, capable of storing up to 6 kilograms of compressed hydrogen at a pressure of 700 bar. The vehicle delivers 401 hp (295kW), with 170 hp (125 kW) provided by the electrical power fuel cell. It has a 0-62 mph acceleration time of around 6 seconds and a top speed of 185 km/h. The iX5 Hydrogen offers a range of up to 500 kilometers on the WLTP cycle and can be refilled in 3 to 4 minutes.

To showcase the technology, BMW will run a fleet of iX5 Hydrogen vehicles at the 2024 Art Basel, providing attendees with the opportunity to experience the innovative vehicle firsthand. Visitors can also read reviews of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen to learn more about its performance and features.