‘Shamrockin’ Celebration on March 8′

The University of Scranton has been making waves in the entrepreneurial community, with their Small Business Development Center (SBDC) consultant Zakiyyah Smith offering valuable insights to future entrepreneurs in Scranton. This initiative aims to support budding business owners and help them navigate the complexities of starting a business.

Recently, the University of Scranton opened applications for their Spring Women’s Entrepreneurship Program, signaling their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the business world. This program aims to empower women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and build successful businesses.

In another exciting development, a business owner and consultant at The University of Scranton SBDC was highlighted for using their business acumen to create opportunities for others. By leveraging their own business to support budding entrepreneurs, this individual is making a significant impact in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

These initiatives underscore the University of Scranton’s dedication to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within their community. Through their various programs and initiatives, the university is helping aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful ventures. To learn more about these initiatives and stay updated on the latest news from the Royals, visit their website.