“Saxon Unlikely to Incorporate Artificial Intelligence in Songwriting, Says Biff Byford”

Legendary Saxon frontman Biff Byford recently shared his thoughts on the use of artificial intelligence in songwriting during an interview with Sonoridades Inc. The singer dismissed the idea, describing it as a gimmick and suggesting that AI may have more of a place in pop or rap music rather than heavy metal or rock.

Byford emphasized the authenticity of Saxon’s live performances and recording sessions during a previous interview with The Metal Voice. He highlighted the band’s commitment to a raw, unadulterated sound, with no computer-generated backups or click tracks used in their music.

When asked about new bands who rely on lip-syncing and laptops, Byford stressed Saxon’s dedication to live performances and their reputation as a band that values genuine, in-the-moment experiences over artificial enhancements.

Saxon’s latest album, “Hell, Fire And Damnation,” produced by Andy Sneap and Byford, was released in January through Silver Lining Music. The band continues to make an impact in the music industry, with guitarist Paul Quinn recently stepping back from touring and being replaced by Diamond Head’s Brian Tatler.

Byford and Quinn remain the only original members in Saxon’s current lineup, which has captivated audiences worldwide with timeless classics like “Denim And Leather,” “Princess Of The Night,” and “Wheels Of Steel.”

With a career spanning decades and millions of albums sold, Saxon continues to uphold its legacy as a powerhouse in the heavy metal genre. Their dedication to authenticity and live performance sets them apart in an industry increasingly reliant on technology.