Samsung’s latest update makes the Galaxy S24 less appealing.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 series may not have the most exciting hardware specs, but what is truly groundbreaking is the introduction of Galaxy AI. This innovative take on AI by Samsung promises new and thrilling ways to interact with our smartphones.

The good news is that Samsung has confirmed that Galaxy AI will not be exclusive to the Galaxy S24 series. In fact, the tech giant has announced that Galaxy AI will be making its way to other devices such as the Galaxy S23 series, S23 FE, Z Fold5, Z Flip5, and Tab S9 series.

According to Samsung’s mobile chief TM Roh, the goal of Galaxy AI is to pioneer a new era of mobile AI and empower users by making AI more accessible. Samsung plans to introduce Galaxy AI to over 100 million Galaxy users within 2024, promising to continue innovating and exploring the endless possibilities of mobile AI.

The update, which will come with One UI 6.1, is set to roll out at the end of March. Users who own any of the eligible devices should keep an eye out for the update. Although Samsung has hinted that not all AI features from the Galaxy S24 will be available on older devices, the specifics have not been disclosed yet.

Some of the exciting AI features that users can expect include Chat Assist, Live Translate, Interpreter tool, Circle to Search, Transcript Assist for voice recordings, and Generative Edit for photographers to effortlessly edit photos. With Galaxy AI, Samsung is revolutionizing the way we interact with our smartphones and opening up a world of new possibilities.