‘Rivian Introduces Enhanced Version of Unique Accessory’

Rivian has recently unveiled the latest addition to its lineup, the Rivian Travel Kitchen. While the spotlight may currently be on the debut of the R2 electric SUV and the teaser for the upcoming R3 and R3X electric crossovers, the Travel Kitchen is a noteworthy development in itself.

Unlike its previous design meant to fit into the Gear Tunnel, the new Travel Kitchen is now designed to attach to the back of Rivian’s models, making it compatible with more than just the R1T. It is also compatible with the new Rivian Cargo Box, offering additional storage options. The portable kitchen includes a Cooler, Water Tank, and a branded cookware set.

The decision to switch to a new mounting system makes sense in light of Rivian’s recent announcements focusing on SUV and crossover models, rather than smaller pickups. With no plans for an R2T or R3T at the moment, Rivian is committed to its current lineup of larger vehicles.

Overall, the Rivian Travel Kitchen introduces a versatile and portable cooking solution for Rivian owners, highlighting the brand’s commitment to innovation and convenience in their vehicles.