‘Recent Launch of Dynamic Motion Identity System on Instagram’

Instagram has recently refreshed and expanded its brand identity to celebrate and inspire its vast community of creators. With billions of users worldwide, the platform recognizes the crucial role that motion plays in marketing and user experience.

Studio Dumbar/DEPT® was tasked with collaborating on the development of a new, vibrant motion system for Instagram. The goal was to create a flexible and balanced system that could be effectively utilized in both marketing and product aspects, showcasing creativity and enhancing user engagement.

Drawing inspiration from Instagram’s native attributes, Studio Dumbar/DEPT® crafted a sophisticated motion system that reflects the imperfections of natural human movement and user-generated content. They developed various motion techniques to support storytelling and add depth to branded elements, mimicking natural camera movements and interactive gestures like swiping or scrolling.

The focus on defining the system’s physics – how motion is oriented in time and space – was fundamental to the project, allowing for a creative and engaging approach to motion design. By highlighting the range of tools available to users, the motion system emphasizes the importance of content and creators, promoting interaction and collaboration.

The seamless and energetic motion system has now been integrated across Instagram’s core brand elements, with extensive guidelines and toolkits ensuring consistency in daily app marketing and user experience. Liza Enebeis, creative director at Studio Dumbar/DEPT®, expressed excitement about the project, stating that the new system represents a fusion of strategy and design that brings the Instagram brand to life.