Preview of unveiling for upcoming Alpine A290 EV.

Alpine Unveils Teaser Image and Details of New Electric Sports Car, the Alpine A290

Alpine has given us a glimpse of their upcoming electric sports car, the Alpine A290, with a camouflaged teaser image released recently. The French carmaker has been showcasing the A290 in various settings, including extreme temperatures ranging from 0-30 degrees Celsius. They have also partnered with Michelin to develop exclusive tires for the new electric vehicle.

Fine-tuning the A290’s low grip characteristics has been a priority for Alpine, especially in harsh weather conditions where temperatures can plummet below -30 degrees Celsius. The technical teams at Alpine are rigorously testing the prototypes on tracks and open roads to ensure top-notch performance.

Dynamic performance is key for the A290, with a focus on engine responsiveness, driving precision, and agility. Alpine aims to deliver a driving experience that excels even in the most extreme conditions.

For more information on the Alpine A290 EV, visit the Alpine website. Stay tuned for updates on the final design and additional details about this exciting new electric sports car.

Source: Alpine

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