‘Prestigious Award Goes to BioWake™ for 2023 Product Innovation’

AMVAC Corporation, a subsidiary of American Vanguard Corporation, specializes in developing and marketing products for crop protection management, turf and ornamentals management, as well as public safety and animal health applications. As part of the company’s diversified portfolio, American Vanguard Corporation is included in the Russell 2000® & Russell 3000® Indexes and the Standard & Poors Small Cap 600 Index.

With a focus on innovation and quality, AMVAC Corporation strives to meet the needs of the agricultural industry while also ensuring public safety and animal health. The company’s forward-thinking approach allows them to stay ahead of industry trends and provide effective solutions for their customers.

It is important to note that forward-looking information provided by the company is based on management’s estimates and is subject to various risks and uncertainties. Factors such as weather conditions, changes in regulatory policy, and other risks outlined in the company’s SEC reports and filings may impact actual results. The company’s forward-looking statements are reflective of their judgment as of the date of release, highlighting their commitment to transparency and accountability in their operations.