PopChar 10 for macOS introduces updated interface and additional features

Ergonis recently unveiled PopChar 10, the latest version of its tool designed for locating and inserting special characters as well as exploring fonts on macOS. To mark the release of this new iteration, the company is offering a generous 20% discount for the first two weeks, which can be redeemed using the code “POPCHAR10-WELCOME.”

According to Ergonis’ Chief Technical Officer, the updated PopChar boasts a range of new features, including an enhanced user interface that seamlessly blends classic functionality with modern aesthetics. The tool also includes an improved magnifier that offers more detailed information and shortcuts for characters, simplifying the process of inspecting and inserting special characters. Additionally, PopChar 10 introduces new insertion modes with just a single click, including support for Swift code, as well as Spanish language support to enhance international usability.

Furthermore, PopChar 10 is fully compatible with Unicode 15 and features a new navigation concept for easier browsing. The tool also offers enhanced dark mode support and complete compatibility with macOS Sonoma.

For those interested in purchasing PopChar 10, the software is priced at .99 for new users. Customers with previous licenses can enjoy a 50% discount, while those who bought the tool on or after September 1, 2023, are eligible for a free upgrade. PopChar is available on a “try before you buy” basis and can be downloaded from the Ergonis website.

Overall, PopChar 10 offers a revamped user experience with new functionalities and enhancements, making it a valuable tool for macOS users looking to streamline the process of working with special characters and fonts.