Polestar Announces 2024 Design Competition With Hot Wheels

Electric vehicle manufacturer Polestar announced today that it would partner with Mattel and Hot Wheels again to host a design contest, the winner of which will have their car put into production and sold in toy stands worldwide. The rules are simple: designers are invited to take Polestar’s styling DNA and create a new vehicle as radical or innovative as the participants can dream up. The only physical limitation is that Mattel has to scale down the design to produce a 1:64 scale Hot Wheels die-cast car.

“According to Polestar’s Interior Design Manager and Design Contest founder Juan Pablo Bernal, “I believe this year’s Hot Wheels collaboration will push the design community to work outside of their traditional comfort zones by balancing the minimalist Polestar brand essence with the extreme Hot Wheels aesthetic. But while we’re expecting some of the most extreme submissions yet, we don’t expect to be any less inspired by the quality, quantity, and diversity of entries we receive.”

679867 20240215 Polestar launches 2024 Design Contest in collaboration with Hot Wheels

However, participants won’t be entirely on their own in sketching these creations. As the contest nears its end and the top 20 finalists are selected, designers from both Polestar and Hot Wheels will assist participants in refining their designs ahead of the final judging. The winning car will be sold globally and branded as a Hot Wheels x Polestar.

Polestar and Hot Wheels will begin accepting entries from March 5 to April 16. The winner is expected to be formally announced in Q4 2024.