Partnership Between Currencycloud and TangoPay focuses on Remittance

Currencycloud has teamed up with UK-based Fintech company TangoPay to enhance its remittance service for UK-based expatriate clients. This collaboration aims to provide real-time competitive foreign exchange rates and localized payment options.

Through this partnership, TangoPay will have access to Currencycloud’s services, enabling the customization of payment solutions based on customer preferences. By leveraging Currencycloud’s APIs, TangoPay can streamline operations and improve various aspects of remittance transactions.

Basir Sangerwal, the CEO and Founder of TangoPay, expressed that Currencycloud is a perfect fit for their needs. Prior to this integration, they relied on traditional foreign exchange methods, limiting scalability and payment options. With Currencycloud, they can now offer a more extensive and tailored service to their clients, meeting the evolving needs of their global customer base.

The improvements from this partnership include reduced transaction times, lower fees, real-time exchange rates, and an expanded range of payment alternatives. The enhanced TangoPay app is now available for download on both Google Play Store and the App Store.

In another collaborative effort, Australian-based CFD broker GO Markets has partnered with Currencycloud to streamline multi-currency business operations. This collaboration focuses on automating client deposits and withdrawals while providing real-time API-driven competitive foreign exchange rates.

A significant aspect of this alliance is the virtual multi-currency account that enables GO Markets to accept wire payments across various payment rails. This approach enhances fund upload efficiency through automation facilitated by Currencycloud’s platform.

Overall, these partnerships showcase the growing trend of Fintech companies joining forces to enhance financial services and provide better solutions for clients in a rapidly evolving landscape.