‘Optimizing Electric Vehicle Charging During Winter Months’

As more consumers transition to electric vehicles, it is crucial to understand the impact of cold weather on EV ownership. Charging an EV in cold weather may require more time due to the lower temperatures affecting the battery’s charging capacity. However, with a few adjustments to your charging routine and some planning, you can keep your EV running smoothly during winter months.

To help EV owners navigate winter conditions, Electrify America has shared the top 5 tips for maintaining your EV’s performance in the cold:

1. Anticipate longer charging sessions: In cold temperatures, the vehicle’s software may reduce charging power, resulting in longer charging times. Be prepared for these adjustments in charging speed.

2. Temperature changes may impact EV range: Keep an eye on overnight temperature drops as they can affect your EV’s driving range. Some EVs can predict range reductions during extreme temperatures and adjust the console display accordingly.

3. Plan your charging session: Locate public charging stations in advance to avoid running out of range far from the nearest charging point. Planning ahead can help ensure uninterrupted travel.

4. Park indoors when possible: During extreme cold weather, consider parking your EV indoors. Warmer indoor temperatures can help maintain faster charging speeds and preserve the battery charge for longer periods.

5. Utilize your EV’s cold weather features: Some EVs come equipped with pre-conditioning features that allow drivers to warm the battery to optimal temperatures either through programming or manual control.

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By following these tips and being proactive in preparing your EV for cold weather conditions, you can ensure smooth and reliable performance throughout the winter season.