Offering Grants for Energy Saving Home Improvements for Residents with Off-Gas Heating

North Northamptonshire Council has introduced the Home Upgrade Grant Phase 2 (HUG2), a government-funded initiative designed to provide energy-saving upgrades to residents with off-gas heating systems. This program offers free energy-saving improvements to help keep homes warm and assist residents in efficiently managing their heating bills. Whether you are a homeowner, private tenant, or a private landlord with tenants, you may be eligible to apply.

To qualify for the grant, households must meet certain criteria, including not being heated by mains gas, having a combined annual income of less than £31,000 (increasing to £36,000 after April 2, 2024), and owning a home labeled as ‘hard to heat’ by an Energy Performance Certificate.

Landlords with four or fewer properties can also apply, but they must contribute at least one third of the upgrade costs in addition to the funding provided. The aim of the scheme is to phase out fossil fuel heating, aligning with the UK’s commitment to Net Zero by 2050 and promoting household health and well-being by reducing cold homes.

Eligible participants may receive energy-saving improvements such as insulation upgrades, low carbon heating systems, heating controls, energy-efficient hot water solutions, solar panels, and efficient lighting. A survey will determine suitable improvements for each home, along with a free updated EPC assessment.

Councillor David Brackenbury, Executive member for Growth and Regeneration, highlighted the importance of tackling fuel poverty in North Northamptonshire and encouraged eligible residents to apply for the grant. Jason Smithers, Leader of North Northamptonshire Council, emphasized the benefits of the Home Upgrade Grant Phase 2 in providing comfort and relief from escalating bills while contributing to sustainability efforts.

To apply for the grant and learn more, visit the NNC website or call 0800 107 8883. Applications are open until March 2025, and Agility Eco, a specialist company appointed by the council, will oversee all energy-improvement works. Residents can also apply online or contact Agility Eco directly for assistance.