‘New ‘Notcoin’ Offering 0K in TON Crypto, Along with a Variety of In-Game Coins’

Ahead of its upcoming token air drop on The Open Network, the popular Telegram clicker game Notcoin has announced a major giveaway for players. A total of 100,000 Toncoin (TON) will be distributed to participants in a new in-game quest, with additional rewards for select “O.G.” users.

The new quest, titled “TON for Fun,” offers players the chance to earn a 3 million Notcoin bonus and 1 TON by completing various tasks. The total value of the TON being given away is over 0,000, and the quest will only be available until 100,000 players have completed it.

To qualify for rewards, players must reach Diamond League in the game, invite at least five friends, and connect a TON wallet. The second part of the quest requires a paid Telegram Premium account and holding 25 TON in the connected wallet to unlock the bonus Notcoin.

Notcoin has also introduced an NFT-based voucher system for trading coins before the airdrop. Players with 10 million or more Notcoin can convert their coins into vouchers for trading and eventual redemption after the token drop.

With over 28 million Telegram users having played Notcoin and 4 million daily users, the game has seen massive success. The active users have mined over 42 trillion Notcoin by tapping a coin in the game, with balances set to be converted into an on-chain crypto token.

According to Decrypt, the Notcoin token is expected to go on-chain and be airdropped to players in late March or early April. Decrypt’s review of Notcoin praises the game for its addictive simplicity.