New MacBook Airs featuring powerful M3 chip and AI capabilities

Apple has recently unveiled the new MacBook Air models powered by the cutting-edge M3 chip, boasting AI superpowers. The 13- and 15-inch MacBook Airs are equipped with the M3 chip, promising 60% faster speeds compared to the M1 chip and up to 13 times faster performance than the fastest Intel-based MacBook Air.

Following last year’s introduction of the M3 chip in the MacBook Pro, Apple has now brought this powerful processor to the MacBook Air lineup. The company touts the M3’s enhanced Neural Engine, making the MacBook Air the go-to machine for AI-powered tasks.

With a super-portable design, power-efficient performance, and all-day battery life, the new MacBook Air models are set to revolutionize the way users experience computing on the go. Apple’s latest innovation promises to deliver top-notch performance and advanced AI capabilities to users seeking a seamless and powerful computing experience.