New Happy Mood Chews with Zembrin by Force Factor

Force Factor, a leading supplement company, has recently introduced a new product called Happy Mood Chews, designed to provide daily mood support to consumers facing increasing levels of stress. The key ingredient in Happy Mood Chews is Zembrin from PLT Health Solutions, a patented extract of the South African succulent Sceletium tortuosum. This ingredient has been clinically studied and proven to support mood in as little as two hours, making it a safe and effective option for daily use.

Sean Hannan, VP of science and innovation at Force Factor, expressed excitement over the partnership with PLT Health Solutions, highlighting the rapid results and positive mood support provided by Zembrin. In addition to Zembrin, Happy Mood Chews also contain magnesium, vitamin D, B vitamins, and saffron, a plant known for its mood-enhancing properties. The tropical fruit-flavored chews are individually wrapped for convenience and on-the-go use, offering a tasty alternative to traditional pills.

Steve Fink, vice president of marketing at PLT Health Solutions, emphasized the benefits of Zembrin reaching a wider audience through the partnership with Force Factor. This ancient remedy meets modern science, with Zembrin building on centuries of traditional use by the Khoi-San people of South Africa. The ingredient has undergone extensive clinical trials to support its efficacy in stress management at a daily dose of 25 mg. HG&H Pharmaceuticals, the creator of Zembrin, ensures quality and sustainability through their seed-to-shelf management program, using only cultivated plant material to avoid depleting wild stocks.

Endorsed by the South African San Council, Zembrin not only supports mood but also contributes to the preservation of cultural traditions and the well-being of local communities. Happy Mood Chews offer a natural and effective solution for those seeking relief from stress and a daily dose of bliss in today’s fast-paced world.