New Consulting Firm Empowers Asset Management Firms to Improve Distribution

A new FinTech leader, Freeman Investment Management Consulting, has recently launched with a focus on guiding investment groups towards revenue growth based on measurable outcomes. With a team of experts boasting years of executive-level experience in asset management distribution, Freeman offers specialized methodologies to optimize distribution efforts for asset management firms.

CEO Brian Freeman emphasizes the importance of bridging the gap between technology utilization and real-world sales application. By recognizing areas where processes may not be optimized, Freeman Consulting aims to deliver tailored solutions that drive optimal results for clients. The consultancy’s comprehensive approach includes leveraging innovative business intelligence tools and data analytics to drive asset growth for their clients.

Freeman Consulting stands out by not just selling software, but by offering dedicated consultation services to assess a firm’s landscape and craft a roadmap for success. They work closely with clients’ existing technologies and supplement them with solutions from trusted partners for the best results.

For more information and to schedule a consultation with Freeman Investment Management Consulting, visit their website at