New Accessibility and Productivity Features Revealed at MWC

Google unveiled a range of new features at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, focusing on enhancing accessibility and productivity for users across different devices.

In terms of messaging, Google introduced Gemini to Google Messages, a feature for crafting messages that currently supports English. Additionally, Android Auto now offers AI-generated image captions and text summarization to streamline message management.

For accessibility improvements, Google’s Lookout app, designed to assist visually impaired individuals, now provides AI-powered image captions globally in English. Moreover, enhanced screen reader support for Lens in Maps allows users to access information about places and signs through TalkBack.

To enhance productivity, users can now create handwritten notes in docs on Android devices using a finger or stylus, with various pen styles and colors available. Google also expanded support for Spotify through an output switcher on the Android home screen, enabling a smooth transition between sources.

In Wear OS updates, users can now access Google Wallet passes directly from their watch, including boarding passes, event tickets, and loyalty cards. Additionally, Wear OS now offers voice-enabled transit directions and compass-guided navigation directions for added convenience.

Overall, Google’s latest announcements at MWC demonstrate its commitment to improving accessibility and productivity across various devices by offering new features tailored to meet a diverse range of user needs.