“N-OVATOR Program Rewards Farmers with Over Million for Sustainable Nitrogen Practices”

Pivot Bio, a leader in sustainable agriculture, has announced that its sustainability program, N-OVATOR™, has distributed over million to farmers who have adopted improved nitrogen management practices since its launch in 2022. This pioneering program offers annual payments to farmers, marking a significant shift from traditional agricultural compensation models.

The N-OVATOR™ program is known for its repeatability and flexibility, providing growers with consistent compensation for using a more reliable form of nitrogen. By connecting farmers with companies aiming to reduce Scope 3 emissions, the program has attracted participation from leading consumer goods companies, ingredient suppliers, spirit producers, and grain purchasers, all working to enhance the sustainability of their supply chains.

This year, downstream partners involved in N-OVATOR™’s collaborations made payments to recognize Pivot Bio growers’ adoption of new practices after the 2023 harvest season. Notably, a global food and beverage giant purchased 100,000 nitrogen credits, representing 100,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent and the efforts of over 450 farmers across 300,000 acres.

Karsten Temme, Chief Innovation Officer of Pivot Bio, noted that the program’s partnerships signal a significant shift in sustainable agriculture investments. By directly partnering with growers in their supply chains, companies are taking meaningful steps to reduce their environmental footprint and Scope 3 emissions.

Participating growers benefit from revenue streams generated by using PROVEN® 40, a microbial nitrogen that can replace up to 25% of total nitrogen requirements. This innovative approach helps farmers improve their returns on investment through better nitrogen management practices.

Looking back on 2022, N-OVATOR™ avoided over 80,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent across 725,000 acres. As the program progresses into FY2023, discussions with potential corporate partners suggest growing momentum for the initiative.

Pivot Bio plans to expand its reach to more growers, acres, and corporate collaborators in the upcoming program. Those interested in joining the N-OVATOR™ initiative can find more information at www.pivotbio.com/novator-program.