‘Multi-Functional Floating Wind Support Vessel Design Approved for Use’

ClassNK has granted approval in principle (AiP) for a revolutionary multi-functional floating offshore windfarm support vessel (MFSV) designed by K Line Wind Service in collaboration with Japan Marine United Corporation and Nihon Shipyard.

The MFSV is specially crafted to handle the full moorings work scope required for the installation of floating offshore wind turbines. This includes tasks such as transportation, deployment, and anchor tensioning of the mooring system.

What sets the MFSV apart is its multi-functional design, which offers a range of solutions needed for different phases of offshore wind projects. From surveying to transportation, construction, and operation and maintenance, this vessel is equipped to cater to all requirements.

With the global push for carbon neutrality by 2050, floating offshore wind is poised to play a significant role in achieving this goal. In countries like Japan where shallow water areas for bottom-fixed offshore wind turbines are limited, floating offshore wind technology is crucial.

K Line Wind Service, along with Japan Marine United and Nihon Shipyard, has meticulously studied the most effective mooring methods and vessel designs for floating offshore wind turbine installations. The result is the innovative MFSV, which has now received AiP from ClassNK.

Funding for the development of this groundbreaking vessel has been provided by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) as part of the Green Innovation Fund. The MFSV represents a major leap forward in the quest for sustainable offshore wind energy solutions.