Log-hub Update Includes 3D Maps for Supply Chain Visualization

The supply chain software company Log-hub released its Log-hub 4.0 software update February 5, which includes 3D maps for supply chain visualization.

Log-hub said that its 3D maps offering will provide users with increased efficiency and more strategic insights into how companies navigate global supply chain networks.

“Log-hub’s commitment to elevating supply chain visualization takes center stage in the release of Log-hub 4.0,” said Jan Sigmund, the CEO of Log-hub. “Supply chain analysts now have a detailed and realistic canvas to navigate through, identifying bottlenecks, and untapped potentials along every route. The immersive 3D maps empower our users to make informed decisions, providing a groundbreaking approach to end-to-end supply chain optimization.”

The update came with several other new features, including KNIME (Konstanz Information Miner) nodes, API integration and a pip package available through the code management and sharing platform GitHub. Log-hub also introduced its enhanced Scenario Comparison Dashboards, which feature location planning and network design applications.