Italy to Implement Groundbreaking Offshore Wind-Solar Project at Grid-Scale

SolarDuck, Green Arrow Capital, and New Developments have joined forces to work on a groundbreaking project involving a floating photovoltaic (PV) farm integrated with a floating offshore wind farm. The Corigliano offshore hybrid wind-solar farm is set to be located in the gulf of Taranto off the coast of Corigliano-Rossano in Calabria.

This innovative farm will consist of 28 floating wind turbines, providing a wind capacity of 420MW, as well as a 120MW PV farm, resulting in a combined capacity of 540MW. The PV farm alone is projected to generate over 160GWh of solar energy yearly.

The project will showcase SolarDuck’s elevated platform technology, allowing for the deployment of PV panels even in significant wave heights while ensuring a safe working environment for maintenance and reducing environmental impact.

Part of the Green Arrow Infrastructure of the Future Fund, this project represents an investment in renewable energy and digital infrastructure in promising markets across Europe. Daniele Camponeschi, the Founder and CIO of Green Arrow Capital Group, expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative, highlighting the importance of these cutting-edge infrastructures in the transition towards sustainable energy solutions.

Currently undergoing permitting processes, the project is expected to kick off operations in 2028. This partnership signifies a major step towards advancing renewable energy technologies and promoting sustainable practices in the sector.