Introducing 4 New Bold Flavored Organic Cheeses

Organic Valley recently unveiled their latest line of premium organic cheeses, Flavor Favorites, designed to bring bold and delicious flavors to everyday meals and snacks. The new line includes Italian Herb Mozzarella Shreds, Spicy Cheddar Shreds, Spicy Cheddar Slices, and Smoky Cheddar Slices.

Laurie Drake, Vice President of Marketing at Organic Valley, expressed excitement about the launch, stating, “People are looking for fast and easy ways to add excitement to their dinner tables. We hope that our new Organic Valley Flavor Favorites cheeses will inspire consumers because it empowers them with the flavor power to elevate meals like pizza night, taco night, and burger night, all with a clean label they can feel good about.”

Sourced from small family farms, Organic Valley Flavor Favorites are crafted with a blend of herbs, spices, and smoked sea salt to effortlessly enhance dishes such as pizzas, burgers, quesadillas, and sandwiches. These cheeses are natural, organic, and melt beautifully without overpowering the flavors of the dishes they accompany.

Just like all Organic Valley products, Flavor Favorites cheeses are USDA certified organic and free from antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, and GMOs. By choosing Organic Valley products, consumers are not only enjoying high-quality, flavorful cheeses but also supporting the protection of our food sources.

The Flavor Favorites line includes Italian Herb Mozzarella Shreds, Spicy Cheddar Shreds, Spicy Cheddar Slices, and Smoky Cheddar Slices, with each offering a unique flavor profile to elevate various dishes. Italian Herb Mozzarella Shreds are basil-forward with hints of garlic and herbal zest, while Spicy Cheddar options bring a family-friendly heat with habanero and paprika. The Smoky Cheddar Slices offer a savory smoke flavor infused with hickory-smoked sea salt.

The suggested retail price for Flavor Favorites shreds is .99, while slices are priced at .99. Organic Valley is a farmer-owned cooperative committed to supporting small organic family farms and promoting the principles of organic agriculture. Founded in 1988, the brand is owned by over 1,600 organic family farms dedicated to saving, serving, and safeguarding the environment.