‘Getting Involved with a COtooCLEAN Demonstration Plant’

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste is sponsoring a new demonstration plant to test Nextek’s COtooCLEAN, a waterless cleaning process that converts post-consumer polyolefin films into food-grade materials on a commercial scale. Nextek, a Plastics and Recycling Consultancy with a proven track record in recycling plastics packaging, including creating novel processes for post-consumer plastics, is leading this innovative project.

The COtooCLEAN project follows the success of Nextek’s NEXTLOOPP project, which produced food-grade recycled rPP. Using low-pressure super-critical CO2 and green co-solvents, COtooCLEAN decontaminates polyolefin films back to food-grade standards, offering a circular solution to a significant plastic waste stream.

Nextek has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to find a strategic partner to build and operate an industrial-scale demonstration decontamination plant for PE films in the UK/Europe, showcasing the COtooCLEAN technology. The plant, funded by the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, will be the first of its kind to demonstrate the technical and economic viability of the COtooCLEAN process at a commercial scale.

The demonstration plant will allow the COtooCLEAN technology to be tested and refined for commercial operations, providing data for regulatory approvals and factory optimization. The ultimate goal is to accelerate the transition towards a circular plastics economy by replicating recycling plants producing food-grade polyolefins.

Recycling partners interested in participating in this project could benefit from vertical integration opportunities, expansion of product offerings to include food-grade recycled resins, and playing a pioneering role in creating circularity in polyolefin films.

Interested parties can apply by downloading the application form and submitting their proposals by the 29th of February. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for further discussions and site visits. This project presents a unique opportunity for recyclers to contribute to sustainable practices and the circular economy.