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Prince Harry’s role in the royal family is one that should not be overlooked, as he has the potential to step up and provide support when needed. With King Charles undergoing cancer treatment and Kate Middleton recovering from surgery, the royal family is facing a period of transition.

As a Counsellor of State, Harry remains a senior member of the family and could step up in times of crisis. While he may not be next in line for the throne, his significance should not be underestimated. Royal expert Harrold emphasizes the importance of resolving any ongoing issues within the family for the benefit of all involved.

Reports suggest that Harry has been considering a return to the UK amidst current health challenges within the family. Despite his willingness, it is noted that his wife Meghan Markle may have reservations about relocating back to the UK.

In the meantime, Prince William and Princess Anne are taking on added responsibilities as Queen Camilla takes a short break to recuperate from her busy schedule following King Charles’ diagnosis. The royal family is navigating these challenges with strength and unity, ensuring that they can continue to fulfill their duties effectively.