Galileo and The Bancorp Team Up to Provide Real-Time Payments Through The Clearing House

Galileo Financial Technologies, a leading fintech firm under the ownership of SoFi Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFI), has recently announced an expansion of its collaboration with The Bancorp Bank, NA. This enhancement allows for the provision of real-time payment services using The Clearing House’s RTP® network. The partnership between Galileo and The Bancorp enables instantaneous money transfers between bank accounts, catering to the needs of small businesses (SMBs) and consumers seeking prompt access to their funds.

Real-time payments offer round-the-clock availability of funds, ensuring quick access even when traditional methods like ACH and wires are unavailable. In Q3 2023, transaction volume and value over the RTP network reached a record high of 64 million transactions valued at billion, as reported by The Clearing House.

Businesses can now offer real-time payments to their customers through the collaboration between Galileo and The Bancorp. This partnership streamlines the process for Galileo’s clients, making it easier to implement instant payments via the RTP network without the need to develop complex systems from scratch. The key benefits for businesses and consumers include faster transactions, enhanced customer satisfaction, and superior cash flow management.

David Feuer, Chief Product Officer of Galileo Financial Technologies, emphasized the importance of offering real-time payment capabilities to meet the expectations of consumers and businesses. He highlighted the integration between The Bancorp and Galileo as a means to provide swift and efficient money movement solutions.

For more information on the real-time payment solutions offered by Galileo Financial Technologies, visit their website.

About Galileo Financial Technologies, LLC:
Galileo Financial Technologies, LLC, along with its affiliates, is a fintech company operated independently by SoFi Technologies, Inc. It enables fintechs, financial institutions, and brands to develop innovative financial solutions through modern, open APIs. Galileo’s platform supports various payment and financial services, catering to a wide range of clients from digital banking to enterprise sectors.

In conclusion, Galileo Financial Technologies, LLC is a technology company specializing in fintech solutions, working in partnership with multiple issuing banks in North and South America.